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Life comes at you fast; one moment you’re coming up with things to do on your birthday, and then in the next moment you’re planning your newborn baby’s first birthday. Your child’s first birthday is an exceptional circumstance because it’s important to celebrate the first milestone in their life. Preparations for this big event should be done with great care to make this event a big hit with your patrons.

Invitation Cards

If you want to create photo invitations for the first birthday, decide on a favorite photo of your child from the past year and put it in the center of the invitation cards. As for decorations, streamers and banners seem to be a perfect choice for your function. You can also use a background theme and create identifying and fun 1st birthday photo invitations. Many themes can be chosen from a selection of online websites. You can use different designs and patterns or use pictures of stuffed animals for your 1st birthday photo invitation. The wording can be of the type of popular phrases advertising slogans or simple words that encourage people to the party.


Party Themes

Are you wondering if you should opt for theme parties? Well, theme parties are much easier and simpler for parents to do. Since your child doesn’t have any favorite cartoon characters, characters, or movies, you can easily opt for Sesame Street, stuffed penguins, or teddy bears that can coordinate well with your child’s first birthday. You can also count on the support of your loved ones and friends to help you organize according to your chosen theme. Older children love to play exciting and fascinating games. Make sure your baby is present during these games so he can also clap or jump in his high chair.

Favors & Cakes

Baby’s first birthday party favors can include all kinds of baby snacks such as candy, snacks, toys, dolls, etc., you can also give cute pictures of your baby so that guests can remember this special occasion for decades to come. Food and drinks for adults could consist of homemade meals or pizzas. After all, a birthday party is incomplete without a big, delicious cake. Especially for the little ones who love to eat cake. According to this ancient tradition, a person should blow out all the candles at the same time so that all his dreams come true and he has good luck in the coming year.

Additional Info

If you are not good at making those cakes, it is better to buy them from a trusted baker. And it is quite easy to find the perfect baker with the help of testimonials or reviews of people offered online. Most bakeries offer a free home delivery option, or you can choose it in the bakery itself if you live nearby.