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Anyone who buys a new or used car has the intention to get the most out of the car. One of the things is to ensure the car remains in drivable condition for many years or until you can upgrade your car to one that has better capabilities and features. Many vehicle owners do not take measures necessary to maximize the lifespan of a car. Thus, they encounter mechanical problems that could have been easily avoided with preventive maintenance. These are some car maintenance tips you should know.

Check Manufacturer’s Manual

An important thing you have is the car owner’s manual. The good thing about the manual is that it offers model- and make-specific information regarding the vehicle you drive. For instance, you will know the type of fuel that the manufacturer recommends. Is it possible to use chains on tires on snow without voiding the warranty? The manual will provide answers to such questions. Those are some of the reasons you should be acquainted with it.

Check Tire Pressure

car maintenanceMost car owners underestimate the need to check the tire pressure on a routine basis. Underinflated tires have been found to wear out quickly. Also, poor tire pressure is known to cause poor gas mileage. At the same time, you want to ensure that the tires are not overinflated as it increases the risk of a blowout. This is something you will not want to experience. You have to keep the tires inflated according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Thus, you should look at the tires, especially when driving in harsh conditions.

Rotate Your Tires

It is advisable to rotate your tires periodically. Ideally, the practice of rotating car tires involves taking off each tire and getting it back in another location. For example, switching the right and left tires. That is necessary to ensure that the tires wear evenly. In this way, you can expand their lifespan.

Change Your Oil

In the past, car owners would receive messages that they need to have car’s oil replaced every 2000 miles or after three months. However, you do not have to change your oil quite that frequently. The frequency with which you change the oil is dependent on both the model and make of the car. As noted earlier, you should check the owner’s manual. If you are driving in tough conditions, you should change the oil sooner.

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